Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Problems in building PLEs using web2.0 components

I found the following video via Solution Watch.

It's a well-known situation that prevents widespread uptake of web2.0 tools for Personal Learning Environments (PLEs).

There are ways around this problem: I use FireFox's password manager to remember usernames and passwords for sites which only need a low level of security (with backups of my usernames and passwords in a secure place). If any of those sites have a "leave me loged in" or "remember me on this computer" box to check, I check the box before logging in. Together these tactics save a LOT of hassle.

In my view, the other major problem in web2.0 uptake for PLEs is difficulty in linking material between sites. Yes, I know a little configuration, or, worse, HTML hacking, and there you are; Flickr photo's on your favorite site. But it's such a drag for the non-technical amongst us, and it's a surface-level solution that does not achieve the 'deeper' integration of content that that might be achieved in a single integrated application.


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