Saturday, September 16, 2006

Adding a feed to an rssMIX feed

Previously I had made an RSS feed from all CLC members' feeds. I thought that it might be useful to see how to add to this feed if we get a new member. There are only four simple steps to make a new feed from an existing feed.

Click on any of the images below to see them in more detail.

The steps

Step 1 Go to the existing mix at rssMIX and see something like this:

Step 2 Click on "create a new mix from this mix" to obtain:

Step 3 Add the URL for your new feed to the editable text box containing feed URLs. Here I am adding the URL for the post feed from a blog called LKL SocialSoftware:

Step 4 Click on the "create!" button to make new feed.
You obtain a new feed at a new URL, shown on the new feed page:

That's it to make a new feed. However, there is one more step to use it....

Step 5 Presumably you were consuming the old feed somewhere, like the CLC SpeedyFeed page. Presumably you now need to 'wire' the new feed URL into the consumer. Go to the consumer nd make the nescessary changes.

If you want to manipulate the CLC SpeedyFeed page itself, the password is very guessable! If you can't guess please email me for it, or add a comment here and I will be automatically emailed.


Blogger Wendy Zammit said...

Thanks Mark, I still learning about using RSS feeds to connect communities so this is really useful. Can you add my feed to your CLC list?

Sat Oct 14, 10:47:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Mark van Harmelen said...

Hi Wendy,

Done in less than a minute or two. In fact checking it worked took a bit longer than the change.

Nice to have you making comments on this blog, the comment above is the second in a few days. :-D

regards, mark

Sun Oct 15, 12:04:00 PM GMT+1  

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