Saturday, October 07, 2006


I have been involved in a workshop series with a blog at LKL Social Software, and a post of mine over there may be of interest to some of the Connected Learning Community:

"I chanced upon Online Course Design from a Communities-of-Practice Perspective (John Smith and Beverley Trayner) in eLearn Magazine. (The title is a slight misnomer, in the authors’ practice, there are also face-to-face meetings.) As I was reading the article I found myself picking up on various points that the authors make and on the phases of community development that they describe. To me, these points and phases resonated with what we experienced, both as individuals and as a group, and how we informally evolved our learning practice."
I recommend the CoP article to anyone interested in the formation of learning communities and implications for practice.


Blogger Wendy Zammit said...

Hi Mark, this is a really fascinating article and one very timely for me as I grapple with ways to help beginning teachers and managers to enter the world of online communication. I know that the things the article mentions are the things that I need to stay engaged.

Fri Oct 13, 12:32:00 PM GMT+1  

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