Friday, August 04, 2006

Posting with tags

Blogger doesn't have tags, but after a short search I found out that one can use technorati or use for this task. Probably there are many different implementations and these are just two of them. The latter solution is the one for me, I use Handily, the fix also submits the tagged post to technorati, and in my experience so far technorati searches on single and multiple tags work well, even for tags which have been changed.

The implementation involves installing greasemonkey first. Which in turn means you have to be running firefox, and that you are logged into your delicious account.

I was keen to try it out, in an the first version of this post, with two tags. To get the new post to be linked to from delicious I had to press the publish post button, then select link to delicious and then save the resulting delicious entry.

However, the resulting link in delicious didn't work! The url was
... /posting-with-tags_04.html
This had an superflous _04 in it.

I tried a few more posts (now deleted) and they worked, so I simply changed the url for this post in delicious to what it should be
... /posting-with-tags.html

After deleting my test posts from the blog I had to manually remove the corresponding entries in delicious, and now the tagging works.

If you change the tags when you are editing a previously published post, look at how commas are used in the tag field [e.g. 'tags, experiment'] as a guide to using commas in your changes. To propagate the changes to delicious you need to publish post and then link to delicious Duplicate your post's tag changes in the resulting delicious page's tag field (no commas used here) before saving the entry.

I'll keep my eye on the urls in future entries made in delicious, and see if they are right.

I've had to hand edit in the tags to the side column. I guess that it should be possible to interrogate delicious about all markzspace tags and automatically display them in the sidebar, perhaps in a space-saving arrangement.


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