Friday, August 04, 2006

Persistent Posts to provide accessible developing information

One thing I'm interested in is developing information over time, and having this information persistently accessible from the blog. This would perhaps satisfy my need to be able to develop information as I learn more about a topic.

So as an experiment with this support for learning, I'll make the links to some posts available via the sidebar. I'll then edit those posts, and develop the topic as I learn more about it. This same mechanism could be used in a collaborative way by a blog team.

This post will be the first of these posts.

The difference from a wiki is that there is
  • (negatively) no easy interlinking of posts, and
  • (positively) ability to comment (but there is the talk pane in some wikis, e.g. mediawiki). As I change the page some comments may become superfluous, and maybe can be removed, should that be done?
We'll see what practice develops as commenters (such as there may be) add comments and pages change. We can try different things, maybe discuss different proceedures to accomodate this dynamic change in the CLC group facilities (blog, wiki).

For now I'm calling these persitent posts wigi pages, after wiki and blog. I explore the idea of a wigi here.


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